Dishin' the Dirt on Yoga for Men

Hello all and thanks, in advance, for stopping by my first blog.

Now, it's nothing special, really! And I'll keep it relatively short and sweet (it's also after midnight and I've been going since 7am!)

I just wanted to announce a new class of mines coming your way as of next Tuesday 21st August at The Chakra Hut in Bishopbriggs, 8-9pm.


And a little bit about why you should just ditch the "yoga is a women's thing" and just come along...

Now, I don't mean to negate women from this class (really sorry ladies, you know I love you all!), but it seems I need to do so to get you guys along and in more of a comfort zone - and if that's what it takes, that's what I'll do!

Yoga offers maaaaaany, many possible benefits from the obvious stress relief, postural corrections, better focus, less back pain etc to the less thought about...

Do you lift weights? Yoga can help stretch out those seriously tightened muscles from your time pumping iron in the gym, aiding in faster RELIEF from your DOMS pains and way more flexibility in your body. It IS possible to be both strong AND flexible - the best of both worlds.

Oooor maybe you're a runner? Yoga can help you target the flexibility in your legs and, in turn (and in time), lengthening your stride and improving your SPEED, not to mention strengthening your ankles and aiding in INJURY PREVENTION.

Maybe you've injured yourself participating in one of the above, or something else entirely. Having a healthy yoga practice helps to enhance circulation and lymphatic flow within the body, increasing strength and encouraging muscular healing and re-growth, which can considerably REDUCE AN ATHLETE'S RECOVERY TIME. Not bad, right? Less time sitting in the sidelines? Yes please.

We all want to have a strong, POWERFUL body, right?! Well, yoga helps to fix our posture - which we aaaaall know *yawn*. BUT! By doing so, our body is more aligned properly and we are WAY more capable of transmitting force much more powerfully.

Soooo... that means yoga can help improve our overall ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE, right?! (and more...)

How about helping improve your sexual performance?! (read this article from Men's Health -

On that saucy note! Wouldn't we all like to have better ENDURANCE?! Through breath practice yoga increases your respiratory capacity and, over time, improves your endurance - wherever/whenever you may need it!

I could go on and on, but to conclude...

Just come to a bloody yoga class!

See you all next Tuesday 8-9pm in Bishopbriggs! Mats provided. Bring water (it gets sweaty in this wee studio!) Only approx 13 spaces in class.

Email to secure a mat space.

Peace, rock n' roll and NAMASTE!