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International Women's Day 2019

WOMEN!!! All you beauties who have made teaching yoga a possibility for me. THANK YOU! On International Women's Day, I thank you dearly. From the woman who taught me to teach (Liz, you bloody rockstar!) to all the women who continue to teach me in my 500 hour advanced course. To the freakin' scary yoga exam assessor I was trembling at the thought of, but have become brilliant friends with 🙊 and have created some pretty cool events alongside and drank FAR too much coffee with! To ALL the hundreds of women who have packed my classes week to week!!! Do you know how it feels walking into that class and seeing you sitting there on that mat week after week - strength to strength, sisterhood to women's circle. Or 121 sessions with you Wonder Women owning it early doors before the classes are even in session or the sun has risen from its slumber - just because you CAN! Your dedication inspires me. Something really cool, really powerful happens when women come together, sit together, laugh together, flow together, breathe together, support one another on whatever path we are on. Like one resounding heartbeat. When we deck it sideways out of that dancer pose we get straight back up again - and again!! Because that's what it takes. And slowly but surely, we find ourselves falling less. What do I tell you in Half Moon Pose?! "Check yourselves before you wreck yourselves because we could all go like dominoes here!!!" 😆 Trust. Reliability. Loyalty. Inner strength. Balance. Body confidence. Real women build other women up. They don't envy others, they see the raw empowerment that results from women supporting women. It's easy to knock someone down. What takes more guts, more strength - is holding someone up until they can stand on their own. BE the change you want to see. I'm a huge believer in that. So from one humbled yoga teacher to the women yoga tribes of Glasgow, Ayrshire and Edinburgh who I have been lucky enough to encounter along the way - THANK YOU! From the bottom of my little, gothic, black, sparkly hippie heart, thank you, for allowing me to be unapologetically me, my rawest form, and allowing me to guide you in this journey. See you in class. Let's cut some mad shapes and flow like f**king warriors.🤘🖤✨

(MEN! We love you, but geez a second, we're having a moment!) 😉

Namaste (translates as... the light in me recognised, and bows, to the light in you)

Lisa xx