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Thanks so much for stopping by. Whether this is your 100th time here or your first time, welcome!

Please have a look about the website.

I teach both online and in person, classes and 121 clients.

I offer 121 Personal Training / Boxing / Yoga sessions online (45 mins) and in person (60 mins).  

I am based Southside of Glasgow in Toryglen / Kings Park / Rutherglen; you can come to me for your workout or I can come to you if you're close enough and we can utilise whatever space is available to us. You don't need much space to workout. 

There is also the possibility to train with a friend / partner. Many clients of mines like to train this way. Hit me up and we can chat!

Keep checking back here for my latest news - whether it be new classes, workshops or anything else I may have in store...

Peace, Rock n' Roll and Namaste to you all.  

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