About Me

I am a yoga teacher and personal trainer - but I'm guessing you already knew that since you're here!


I am also an artist / painter. Maybe you didn't know that one!

I have a profound passion for painting and, over the past decade, have sold my original artworks all over the world.

I am also an avid bookworm and keen writer. 


Growing up, I harboured a great love for martial arts. Choosing Karate as my discipline from the age of 7, I fought competitively as a child and acquired my brown belt by the time I was 13 years old.

After retiring from my beloved hobby at the age of 15 due to debilitating knee injuries, I spent the next decade attempting to re-build my body, eventually settling on a low-impact fitness regime consisting of weight-lifting and the gentle, healing practice of yoga.


Today, my injuries have thankfully dwindled drastically and I returned to martial arts at the tender age of 30 in 2019! 

Originally hailing from Ayrshire, I currently live and teach in Glasgow, Scotland.


I teach yoga and fitness classes for the likes of Glasgow University and other studios and fitness venues in and around the city. 


I am currently studying to be an Advanced 500 hour Yoga Teacher with The Seasonal Yoga Academy in Glasgow, adding an additional 300 hours of teacher training to my existing 200. I will finish this training completely in October 2020.

I also hold certifications as an 85 hour Pregnancy Yoga Teacher with Sally Parkes, including Pre/Post Natal and Parent/Baby, Aerial Yoga with Angela Addams of Cloud 9 Yoga, Seasonal Yin Yoga, Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer with further qualifications in Bootcamp, Barre and Suspended Bodyweight Training. I also hold a Kids Yoga qualification and have taught in various schools around Glasgow. This also allows me to host monthly Family Yoga Workshops.

I am a bit of a study geek and I love to continuously learn. I am currently studying Exercise To Music. (If you know me well enough, you'll know to expect some Aerosmith and Queen in those classes!)  

So, I thank you for stopping by to read about little old me. I like to keep things personable and fun with a none-too-serious approach to my life and my teaching.

If you've been with me thus far, I thank you. If you're just joining me, it's wonderful to have you here. 

Before you leave, I want you to remember something. You're on this website for a reason. Great things never came from comfort zones and there is great joy in discovery. New connections. New possibilities. 

Do you want to take a chance and see what could happen for you? Your health is your wealth!

Life is but a journey, at the end of the day. And, I don't know about you, but I want mines to be adventurous, passionate, weird and wonderful, filled with good vibrations, new doors opening, fresh starts, wonderful people and endless possibilities. 


Adventure may scare you, but monotony very well may kill you! 


Dare to be different.


Peace, Rock n' Roll and Namaste to all, 


Love Lisa

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