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What People Say...

(No bribery was given.)

Lorna McLean (Reiki Teacher, Holistic Bodyworker and Empowerment Coach)

"This Beauty, Lisa, is my twice a week early morning yoga pal... bringing peace, love and joy wherever she goes...I can highly recommend her."

Brenda Wallace, Owner of Velvet Moon (Finnieston)

"Love Lisa's yoga class! Beautiful, challenging, quirky, hilarious and serene... just like the gal herself!"

Eileen Horsley

"Lisa is a fantastic yoga coach. I was skeptical  - I didn’t think yoga would challenge me like a faster paced exercise method but boy did she prove me wrong! Lisa has taught me to bend & stretch in ways I didn’t believe possible. I thought exercise was always torturing yourself at the gym! She's totally changed my opinion of how to balance mind, body and soul - amazing and highly recommended.

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