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Yoga For Sport

Sports Performance Enhancement

Yoga can have a fantastic effect on enhancing what the body is capable of achieving. When practiced safely and regularly with a certified instructor, yoga can help improve…

  • Injury Prevention - dramatically reducing the risk of injury by improving body mechanics and awareness, resulting in competitive longevity

  • Enhanced Recovery Time – Yoga helps to enhance circulation and lymphatic flow, increases strength and encourages muscular healing and re-growth and can considerably reduce an athlete’s recovery time.

  • Endurance – yoga increases respiratory capacity

  • Power – when our body is aligned properly, we are able to transmit force much more powerfully

  • Speed – yoga helps to lengthen the muscles i.e. the hamstrings for a longer stride, the very reason runners and cyclists have adopted it as of late

  • Balance – aids in building stability

  • Focus – it encourages a more positive mind set and awareness whilst helping promote good overall health and wellness. This can potentially allow athletes the mind set of capability to take their training to the next level.

  • Posture – the foundation of all functional movements, encouraging efficiency in the way the body operates

In addition to all of the above, yoga also supports stress and tension relief, better productivity and less burn out factor, positive and more thorough communication and a friendlier environment.  

Studies are continually showing that mental and physical health are not just closely associated, but are equal.

My goal is not only to help athletes improve their overall performance, but to help people find some stillness and positivity in their overly busy days in order to create a more amicable environment and a healthier, enhanced state of mind. 

To inquire about scheduling some classes for your team, please contact me. 

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