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Yoga In The Workplace

Yoga Comes to You

Yoga in the corporate world is becoming more and more popular.

Express lunchtime sessions are the in-thing for staff, providing an outlet to calm the mind, relax the body - and still have time for lunch! 

Even 30-40 minutes of yoga can drastically help reduce - sometimes painful - physical ailments such as neck/shoulder/back pain, tightened achy muscles, wrist pain/carpel tunnel syndrome.

All of these ailments are a by-product of long periods of time spent sitting, typing, answering phones, writing etc, all the while favouring one side of the body. All of this can result in postural issues i.e. Kyphosis (the slump!) 

Yoga works at gently reversing all of this by encouraging the body into the best possible alignment. 

A regular practice can aid stress management, tension relief, encourage better productivity and discourage the burn-out factor so many staff experience. It encourages positive and more thorough communications and a friendlier environment.  

Alas, yoga has been shown to, over time, reduce absentee rates in the workplace.

I am very interested in yoga from a mental health perspective - from stress to anxiety to depression - and my goal is to help people find some stillness and positivity in their overly busy days in order to create a better environment for all.

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